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How to install Winamp, and recommendations!

Go here
and download the FULL/Free version,lasttime I looked it was the box on the right you had to click! 

If you are using Windows,it will come up with a box called File Download-Security warning.

Now choose Save

Next, you will get a Security Warning box Internet Explorer - choose Run

Now, the Winamp Installer will start choose Next

Then choose I agree to the license agreement

Accept C:\Program Files\Winamp\ as the destination folder  and choose Next

The chose components page will now appear choose Custom

Now let it tick ALL the boxes choose Next

On the next page there are three boxes UN-tick the Create Quick Launch  box, leave the two others ticked and click Next.


Now it is important to do the following, or you will have unwanted items installed on your PC!

In the “Get the most out of Winamp” page

UN-tick the Winamp toolbar, Set Winamp as the default search engine and the 50 free downloads- you don’t want ANY of these!!!!

Now,  choose Install and then Finish 

Now, the next stage… Winamp Setup

On the first page  called Choose Skin choose Next

On page2/4 called Associations, leave ALL ticked, and winamp will become the default player for most everything. This should cause no problems. Choose Next 

Now page 3 of 4 called Choose Online Services:

I would suggest UN-Tick everything! Now choose Next

Now, we have finally reached the last page (4/4) called User Feedback, leave it all blank and choose Finish

Now, when you go to the link here and click, Winamp should start automatically and Play Cruisin Radio!!!

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